INSTITUTION - Domen Är Satt 12" Distro 12"s // CDs


I love this, it's a must have for people that feel a pang of emptiness due to the fact that Totalitär are no longer releasing records. Do you like your d-beat served up harsh, dry, and cold, with every platter course in the meal tasting the same? Then this incredible record is for you.

"Havoc Records pressing of this Swedish monster that was previously only available as an expensive and limited import on De Nihil Records. Members of Totalitar, Meanwhile, Heratys and Kvoteringen. Absolutely raging Swedish hardcore very much in the vein of the last Totalitar LP. This pressing is essentially the same as the Swedish pressing except for the cover being printed on a dull flat stock instead of glossy." -Havoc

(2012, Sweden, Havoc//USA)