POISON COLA - Discography 1985​-​1997 2xCD Distro 12"s // CDs


"The total collection of this amazing Japanese HC band! Spread over two discs, this collects the bands six (very limited) demo tapes, tracks from their incredible split 7" with Blood Feast, the tracks used for the v/a - Night Of The Living Dead 7" and Flame Of Rising Fist 7" EP, as well as a bonus live set from 1993 which contains a few unreleased tracks! Plus a 24 page booklet with tons of old pics, flyers, artwork, etc. From gruff 80's Mobs/Ghoul influenced hardcore to their amazingly sharp 90's Japcore sound, this is over two hours of archival Japanese HC that will shock you!" -Not Very Nice
(Not Very Nice//USA)